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Live Floor Trailer Rentals Provide the Right Trailer for the Job

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By 2024, the revenue of utility trailer, truck, and RV rentals and leasing are expected to reach 22.1 billion dollars in the United States. Trailers literally move the world in one capacity or another. Truck drivers and transportation company managers know it is imperative to use the right trailer for any particular job.

A good example is the fact that refrigerated trailers are needed to carry products that must remain at certain temperatures. live floor trailers are ideal for delivering bulk materials and goods that would otherwise be strenuous and time-consuming. Unloading a trailer filled with mulch or pallets presents a challenge as well as safety hazards if you aren’t using a live floor trailer rental.

Why Rent a Live Floor Trailer?

Live floor trailers, or live floor trailers, tend to be expensive and must be maintained to work efficiently. A live floor trailer rental simply saves your business time and money. A self-unloading trailer makes it easier to deliver cargo. Plus, renting this type of trailer is wise. You are assured that your live floor trailer rental has been well-maintained and will work efficiently without pouring money from your business into the upkeep of owning the trailer.

The Primary Advantage of a Live Floor Trailer Rental Is Safety

A live floor trailer offers additional safety properties. A live floor moves products for you so there isn’t a need for more manpower. You get the advantage of being able to move the floor of the trailer for a more controlled and slower dumping process. This type of trailer is less physically demanding and more efficient when it comes to controlling dumping. Rollovers are not nearly as frequent with a live floor trailer either.

Know When to Consider a Live Floor Trailer Rental

Live floor trailer rentals have revolutionized how heavy goods are being transported. Many industries use them for good reason. A list of those industries includes:

  • Recyclables
  • Timber
  • Landscaping
  • Bio Mass

A self-unloading trailer is especially beneficial to those industries since heavy loads can be quickly moved with reduced messes. It all just depends on the type of material that needs to be hauled. A live live floor trailer is a great option to be considered for specific projects.

Rent the Right Trailer

Using the right trailer is vital. Live floor trailers could easily be the best choice for your hauling jobs. Speak with rental and leasing companies that offer reputable transportation options to get started. Speak with them today to find the specific trailer rentals needed to fit your shipping tasks.

How To Decide Whether To Own Or Rent A Climate Controlled Trailer

refrigerated trailers

If you’re looking at refrigerated trailers or climate controlled trailers for rent, it’s important to note that renting one is not a black and white issue. It’s often the case that businesses benefit from renting these trailers rather than buying them, but it’s important for each business to access its needs.

There’s plenty of benefits to using refrigerated trailers. A refrigerated container has an impressive temperature range. The range stretches from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +80 degrees Fahrenheit. But when you think about owning something, no matter how big or small it is, you usually think about buying it and moving on. But the cost of a refrigerated trailer doesn’t end when the company purchases it.

The owner of the trailer then needs to keep the trailer in peak condition at all times so it can be used to fulfill orders. Long story short, buying one of these trailers requires budgeting thousands of dollars on a yearly basis for inspections, licensing, and things like repairs.

By choosing to rent climate controlled trailers or refrigerated trailers, companies can avoid costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and inspections to name a few things.

So which option is best for your company? It really depends on how big a commitment your company is looking to make. If you can commit to a long term contract, leasing is a good way to go because it’s a good middle point between ownership and rental.

Rental is good if your company is looking for no contractual commitment, but is looking for flexibility. It should be noted however that rentals typically command a higher price structure because there are no contractual obligations. For refrigerated trailer rentals, live floor trailers, and the like, rental agreements cover the rental for daily, weekly, or monthly use, and in some cases, the agreement automatically resumes if the trailer isn’t returned.

When you’re looking for a company to rent your trailer from, you need to look for a company that offers a hassle-free experience for the customer. You want to be sure that the entire experience, from the beginning of the transaction to you returning the trailer, is a good one. Commonwealth Trailer Rentals is one such company that can provide the top-rate experience you’re looking for. With a variety of trailers as well as leasing, rental, and service option, CTR can meet your every need.

All You Need to Know About Live Floor Trailer Rentals

The US transportation system moves an average of 49 tons of freight daily, valued at $ 53 billion. According to the American Trucking Association, 72.5% of the nation’s freight by weight is moved by trucks. In 2019, trucks moved 11.84 billion tons of freight, representing 72% of the total domestic tonnage shipped.

Live floor trailer rentals are popular in the agricultural, forestry, recycling industries, allowing haulers to transport unpackaged goods or loose material. Live floor trailers have hydraulic systems that allow drivers to load or offload materials conveniently. The ‘live floor’ or hydraulically controlled floor system moves the load outwards gradually, as the driver controls the operation from a safe distance.

How Does a Live Floor Trailer Work?

Live floor systems contain a number of moving slats powered by a hydraulic system. The number of slats in live floor trailer rentals may vary, often found in multiples of three, with 21 being the most common. You may also find 15 and 24-slat trailers.

The hydraulic system acts in four steps. In the first three, each set of the floor slat pushes backward under the load without moving load. In the fourth step, all slats move forward in unison, moving the load a few inches. The process repeats until all freight is conveyed to the end of the trailer for easy unloading.

Common Applications for Live Floor Trailer Rentals

Live floor trailers are excellent for transporting loose material or bulky goods. Commonly used to haul materials that can cause weighting problems when wet such as mulch and solid waste from manufacturing facilities or construction projects. You can also hire live floor trailer rentals to move heavy freights with minimum physical interventions inside the container.

Benefits of Using Live Floor Trailers

The biggest advantage of using live floor trailer rentals is safety. The live floor can move heavy loads to the end of the trailer without an excessive physical workforce. Your drivers do not have to worry about load shifts, a common worry in dump trailers.

The live floor trailer rentals may also offer convenience for your business. The live floor is agile, making it easy to load and unload trucks. Dump trailers may not access the interior of a building or tunnels, but live floors can. You can use the trailer rental beneath powerlines and on uneven grounds.

Choosing the Right Live Floor Trailer Rentals

The first step to picking a live floor trailer rental is thinking of the material you wish to transport. You may need to think of the size and weight of the shipment. Fewer slats are individually stronger and may be ideal for moving bulkier loads. For finer materials, trailers with more slats are preferable. Trailers often come with an open-top or closed setting, depending on your loading needs.

You also need to look at the quality of the trailer unit. Inspect the hydraulic tanks and live floor to ensure they are in perfect condition before renting. You may also have to factor in the costs of the live floor trailer rentals. Find a vendor that fits within your budget limits.

Get Your Rental Today

Live floor trailers are an excellent option when you need to transport bulky or loose material. If you believe that your business could benefit from one or more live floor trailer units, contact Commonwealth Trailer Rentals.

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing Between Renting or Buying a Live Floor Trailer

live floor trailer rentals

Did you know that the total asset value of the North American trucking industry is worth $8 billion, with annual revenue of $1.5 billion? As businesses work to increase their capacity, it is essential to maximize the value of their assets. One crucial question for companies transporting cargo is whether to rent or buy trailers. In this article, we will look at some of the factors you should consider.

1. Which Spikes in Demand are You Addressing?

Renting is a viable approach for dealing with seasonal fluctuations in demand. With live floor trailer rentals, you don’t have to invest in equipment. You can hire a truck only when the demand spikes. For businesses, it has proven to be useful for emergency responses, too.

2. What Are Your Live Floor Trailer Needs?

Your business may need specialized equipment during those times when the demand for goods spikes. The type of cargo you are transporting will determine the kind of truck your business should have. For example, perishable products will require a refrigerated trailer to keep them fresh.

Unfortunately, buying a truck will mean that it is idle for the rest of the season. The expenses will be higher if you need a different type of transportation every time the demand fluctuates. A live floor trailer rental has a higher return on investment (ROI) and return on assets (ROA).

3. What Is the Frequency of Freight Transportation?

The number of times you need to move freight will also determine whether it is best to buy or rent.

4. Will you Manage Maintenance and Repair Costs?

When you buy a truck, there is bound to be maintenance and repairs that will incur losses of time and money. A small business, for example, can be overwhelmed by the maintenance demands of maintaining the truck. A rental is ideal in situations where you need to focus on your core competencies.

You can cut down the cost by outsourcing the maintenance of your truck to live floor trailer services. That way, you reduce the liabilities to your business. If you are renting a reefer trailer, you don’t have to worry if the asset depreciates. You can return the equipment as soon as you complete the job.

5. Will You Meet Client Expectations?

Most clients, especially in the food industry, not only expect their products to be delivered on time but also in a decent looking trailer. It is thus advisable to use new trucks and technologies that reflect your brand value. Depending on your industry, the image you project to your prospects is essential for your business.

By using a rental, you have the flexibility to adjust to newer refrigerated trailers that comply with regulations. Since regulations are always changing, you will be better positioned to manage your expenses and time.

When you want to invest in live floor trailer rentals, rely on the company with the best trucks on the market. At Commonwealth Trailer Rentals, our trucks can meet all of your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Why Choose CTR for Your Trailer Needs

refrigerated trailer

Whether you’re an food manufacturer, a logistics company, or just someone who needs goods moved, finding the right trailer can be hard. There are so many different options, each coming with its own benefits and downsides.

Finding the right trailer company that offers refrigerated trailers and more is essential to your business. If you’re looking to rent or lease trailers for long haul trucking, we at CTR could have just what you need.

Wide area of service

CTR operates throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States, so we cover a lot of areas. Like most quality trailer providers, we also offer roadside assistance and customer support on your leased trailer , 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Specialty trailers

What sets CTR apart is our handling of specialty trailers, like a refrigerated trailer, also called reefer trailers.

Refrigerated trailers are still a growing market, so not many companies serve them in the niches we serve: the logging and biomass industries.

These trailers are great, and often necessary, for long-hauling perishable goods. And unlike a normal “cold” trailer, a refrigerated trailer has its own built-in cooling system, with a wide range of available temperatures– from -20 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit!

And we don’t just offer reefers, either. We also offer live floor trailer leasing services. A live floor trailer, also called a moving floor trailer, is a trailer with a moving floor. This makes it easy to unload materials out of the back, and is often used for materials like mulch, gravel, or other bio-organic materials.

So whether you need a refrigerated trailer, a living floor trailer, or both, we have something that can fit your needs, in a way most other companies don’t.

Multiple types of services

You can both rent and lease trailers from us. So if you need something short-term, you can rent, but for longer or more consistent work, you can lease. And both of these services come with the same excellent customer service.

We also offer trailer service, to help you keep your trailer up and running well. So from renting and leasing to general maintenance, we can help with all of your trailer needs.

To summarize, CTR offers specialty trailer renting and leasing services up and down the East coast, to help companies fulfill their needs. We’ve been around for more than 20 years and are determined to provide the best quality service possible. So for a refrigerated trailer or live floor trailer, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why You Should Rent a Trailer Instead of Buying

live floor trailer rentals

Needing to utilize live floor trailers for your business can be a big benefit. But the question remains: should you participate in a live floor trailer rental, or buy one of your very own? The answer depends on a variety of circumstances.

In this brief post, we’ll go over some reasons why you should consider renting a trailer versus buying it. When you lay out all the information on the table for why you want to do something, it’s much easier to make a decision.

It’s More Popular to Rent Now than Ever

To start off our discussion, it should be noted that it’s more popular to rent and lease equipment than it has ever been in history.  This can allow you to be adaptable in trying a new business, or simply divert profits to growing other areas of your business instead.

This trend is even backed up by new evidence from the marketplace. Specifically, it is projected that the revenue of truck, utility trailer, and RV rentals in the U.S. will amount to approximately 22,1 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.

If Your Business Is Short Term

Some long haul truck drivers or other businessmen don’t know whether the products they’re transporting or integrating will still be with them in a year. Having a refrigerated trailer is amazing when you’re transporting milk or eggs, but if your business changes to clothing in a year’s time or less, you could be left with an overly expensive trailer. This will end up hurting your bottom line and evaporating potential profits that will go to your rental payment instead.

Flexing Your Good Credit For Gains

If you have good credit, you’re usually saving up for something. Many people use their good credit in order to purchase a house, car, or another asset. But when you own a business and want to make moves, buying can take away a lot of your capital and slow things down. By participating in a live floor trailer rental instead of buying one, you can enjoy all the benefits with minimal downside. This will allow you to operate your business as a buyer and reap the benefits before deciding on whether to commit to such a large purchase.

When you’re ready to invest in live floor trailer rentals, contact the experts at Commonwealth Trailer Rentals.

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