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Tips to Keep a Refrigerated Trailer Maintained

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Refrigerated trailers are often used in the transportation of food and other refrigerated goods. However, this equipment is subject to several potential risks that can lead to rapid deterioration or contamination. Here are some tips for maintenance that you should follow as much as possible.

1. Inspect the Cooling System

You should inspect the cooling system to ensure that it is working properly each time you use the refrigerated trailer. At a minimum, you should check the temperature of the refrigeration compartment with a thermometer before loading and after unloading. Check the temperature of the air circulating through the trailer. Ensure there are no leaks in the refrigeration system and that any filters or cooling coils have been cleaned.

2. Clean the Refrigerated Trailer

Clean the interior of your refrigerated trailer regularly, especially before you use it for the first time in a while and before long-term storage. Give special attention to flooring, wall corners, door seals, and other areas where dirt accumulates. Check that all drain plugs are open so that water does not collect inside and damage equipment or food products.

3. Inspect the Exterior

Inspect the exterior of your refrigerated trailer regularly as well. Check for dents, rust on metal surfaces, improper paintwork, and signs of corrosion around handles or hinges that could cause doors to become difficult to open or close properly in an emergency.

4. Inspect Electrical and Wiring Systems

Inspect the electrical system of your refrigerated trailer regularly for loose connections or frayed or worn insulation around wires that could be a fire hazard, especially when the trailer is in use or left unattended for long periods. Ensure no exposed wires can cause damage if they touch anything while you’re driving. Check that all light bulbs work properly, and replace those that don’t work with genuine ones.

Replace fuses and circuit breakers as necessary so that they can protect against overloads and short circuits. Also, make sure that grounding systems are working perfectly since any problems could lead to electrical fires and other potentially hazardous situations.

5. Practice Safe Driving

Drive carefully to avoid incidents where the reefer trailer could be damaged, or items inside could become broken. Ensure you follow all applicable traffic laws and keep an eye out for any safety warnings related to trucks carrying food ingredients or other potentially hazardous materials. If anyone in your vehicle notices a strange smell, smoke, leak, vibration, or noise coming from the refrigeration unit, stop and check that everything is working properly before continuing on your route.

6. Maintain the Refrigeration System

You should also have regular refrigerated trailer maintenance performed on your fleet’s refrigeration systems to help ensure that they are always working properly. This kind of maintenance can include everything from inspecting operating components for leaks or wear and tear to cleaning cooling coils and replacing filters when necessary. When you have this kind of comprehensive preventive repair done, you will likely be able to avoid expensive problems with the mechanical equipment inside your trucks.

7. Keep Records

Always keep records of all maintenance performed on your refrigerated trailer. Make sure you note down any repairs made, the cost of those repairs, and whether the repairs were successful or not. Also, pay attention to what caused damage in the first place so that future incidents can be prevented. While this may seem like a lot of work, understanding how and why past problems occurred makes it easier to anticipate and prevent them from happening again in the future.

8. Follow Safety Rules

Always wear a seat belt and secure cargo with tie-downs, so it does not fall on other vehicles or passengers in the event of an accident. Never engage in activities like smoking or eating while using any motorized vehicle, including a refrigerated trailer.

If any of your reefer trailers or live floor trailers show signs of strain — leaks or cracks, for example — contact a qualified professional contractor to handle refrigerated trailer repair and maintenance.

An average of 76,680 refrigerator trailers are sold in the United States each year. Each one of them needs to be properly maintained to be used safely. By doing this, operators can avoid any accidents and ensure that they have a safe loading and unloading experience every time.

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