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Why You Should Rent a Trailer Instead of Buying

live floor trailer rentals

Needing to utilize live floor trailers for your business or leisure can be a big benefit. But the question remains: should you participate in a live floor trailer rental, or buy one of your very own? The answer depends on a variety of circumstances.

In this brief post, we’ll go over some reasons why you should consider renting a trailer versus buying it. When you lay out all the information on the table for why you want to do something, it’s much easier to make a decision.

It’s More Popular to Rent Now than Ever

To start off our discussion, it should be noted that it’s more popular to rent and lease property than it has ever been in history. With historically low interest rates and easy approval, many retailers will allow you to have a fine trailer to use for an entire year or more with little downside. This can allow you to be adaptable in trying a new business, or simply divert profits to growing other areas of your business instead.

This trend is even backed up by new evidence from the marketplace. Specifically, it is projected that the revenue of truck, utility trailer, and RV rentals in the U.S. will amount to approximately 22,1 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.

If Your Business Is Short Term

Some long haul truck drivers or other businessmen don’t know whether the products they’re transporting or integrating will still be with them in a year. Having a refrigerated trailer is amazing when you’re transporting milk or eggs, but if your business changes to clothing in a year’s time or less, you could be left with an overly expensive trailer. This will end up hurting your bottom line and evaporating potential profits that will go to your rental payment instead.

Flexing Your Good Credit For Gains

If you have good credit, you’re usually saving up for something. Many people use their good credit in order to purchase a house, car, or another asset. But when you own a business and want to make moves, buying can take away a lot of your capital and slow things down. By participating in a live floor trailer rental instead of buying one, you can enjoy all the benefits with minimal downside. This will allow you to operate your business as a buyer and reap the benefits before deciding on whether to commit to such a large purchase.

When you’re ready to invest in live floor trailer rentals, contact the experts at Commonwealth Trailer Rentals.

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